"Not only making today bearable, but making the future possible"

-Shay Hashemi

Why vote for me?

There are three reasons to chose me to be your representative:

1. I am a Finance/Accounting double major so I understand the financial state of ASI better than my competitors and I understand the core values when it comes to organization efficiency.

2. I understand the need for support infrastructure to be built and added to ASI so as to give it the ability to hear all students and the ability to be heard by the students.

3. I work harder than any other candidate out there. I offer all my blood sweat and tears and there is only really one thing I promise and that is your victory and your success attaining education.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Perfection does not exist. Excellence, however, can be attained by continuously improving everyday. To create real lasting change, we must build our solutions on solid foundations, standardize those solutions and repeat.

  • Leadership

    Leaders are not the value adders in the world. They are merely the support staff. In our case ASI is the support staff for the real hero's, the students. The students are people who are going to change the world for the better.

  • Education

    Educations is the key to a life of success and a life of happiness. Education brings power. It brings the power to create and the power to destroy. To make a change in the world, you must use both in unison.

  • Equitable-Mindset

    Inequity comes in all shapes and forms. It is there for all, some more than others. To truly bring equity to our campus, we must now focus on the development of a culture of understanding.

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